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Eminent Domain/Condemnation Law
These cases involve the taking of private land for public purposes. I represented the N.C. Department of Transportation in hundreds of cases, in several counties, against personal, corporate and church landowners.

I now represent those same types of landowners across the state in making sure that they obtain the "just compensation" required by the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
Law Office of Spurgeon Fields III Services
At the Law Office of Spurgeon Fields III, the goal is to give clients honest, quality service with fair pricing and to make sure that they are clear on their rights and options.
Collections Defense
Due to the recent economic climate many individuals and individuaily owned businesses suffered lost business as well as income. They are now pursued by big businesses who suffered losses as well.

I represent those  individuals and individually owned businesses who wish to fight and/or settle actions against them so that the may maintain their status as going concerns.
Criminal and Traffic Cases
Before joining the N.C. Attorney General's Office to represent the Department of  Transportation, I was engaged for years in handling criminal cases in State and Federal Court, including capital homicide cases.

Most traffic matters can be competently handled without an office visit or court appearance.